The Basics

What you need to know to get started



  • Understand the different types of projects
  • Know the key players for a successful studio session
  • Check off your administrative tasks
  • Get familiar with the studio layout



THE word demo is short for demonstration, and that's exactly what it is. A demo consists of one or more songs that are used as a reference for another person to see what you are doing. While these aren't intended for release, they are a great way to show your ideas to artists, producers, record labels, and managers.



A single is a song released for airplay. Often, these songs are collaborations between different artists and record labels. You can create a single for someone else, or someone else may create a single for you.


Ep/ Lp (ALBUM)

These are your biggest projects. An EP is usually between 3-6 songs, while an LP generally has between 7-12 songs. When CONCEIVING an album, it isn't enough to have great content. There needs to be a common thread that ties the individual pieces together to make a statement that's unforgettable.


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Zoe Young


One of today's most prominent A&R's, Zoë Young has worked her way up both the creative chain of command and today's hit music charts, Best known for developing and breaking French Montana, Zoë is also the mastermind behind up-and-coming and established talent alike, including Trina, Blac Youngsta, BlA, DDG, Bay Swag, and more.